Guwahati, also known as the “City of Eastern Light” is the largest city, not only in Assam, but also the entire north east. One of the fastest developing cities in the North East, Guwahati is an important educational and commercial hub and is home to many top class colleges and universities, such as Indian Institute to Technology ( Guwahati), Gauhati University and Cotton College to name a few. Guwahati is rich in wildlife and animals like Asian elephants, pythons and tigers can be found here.

Pragjyotishpura in ancient Assam, Gauhati in the modern era — is an ancient urban area, largest city of state, region, major metropolis of eastern India and one of the fastest developing cities ofIndia. Many ancient Hindu temples are in the city, so also known as the “The City of Temples.” Dispur, the capital of the Indian state of Assam, is in the circuit city region located within Guwahati and is the seat of the Government of Assam.
The name Guwahati is two Assamese words: ‘guwa’ (areca nut) and ‘haat’ (market place). Prior to colonial rule, the name was spelled Gowhatty, then anglicized to Gauhati during British colonial rule. The name was changed to its present form in the late 1980s to conform to the local pronunciation.

Epigraphic sources place the capitals of many ancient kingdoms in Guwahati. It was the capital of the kings Narakasura andBhagadatta according to the Mahabharata. Located within Guwahati is the ancient sakti temple of Goddess Kamakhya in Nilachal hill (an important seat of Tantric and Vajrayana Buddhism), the ancient and unique astrological temple Navagraha in Chitrachal Hill, and archaeological remains in Basista and other archaeological locations of mythological importance.

Being well connected to the rest of the country, Guwahati witnesses many tourists year after year. Here are some of Guwahati’s popular tourist destinations:
• Guwahati Planetarium
• Kamakhya Temple
• Navagraha Temple
• Shankardev Kalashetra
• Assam State Museum
• Assam State Zoo
• Bhuvaneswari Temple
• Basistha Ashram Temple
• Deepor Beel
• Saraighat Bridge
• Assam State Museum
• Regional Science Center
• Umananda Temple
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